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2016 Session 23: Let Her Preach (Women In Ministry)

In today’s session, Dr. Dan Crabtree focuses on women and their role in the Body of Christ. This dynamic presentation tracks the words of Paul found in 1 Timothy 2:12. Dr. Crabtree targets the context of Paul’s “oft-misapplied” admonition to Timothy, and a major failure in ecclesiastical practice. “Whether male or female, God has called everyone to service. Women have vital roles to play in ministry, teaching and leadership. A person’s godly character is of greater significance than their gender.”

Dr. Crabtree is a professor at Northpoint Bible College in Haverhill, Massachusetts. His wife, Laurilie Crabtree, is currently planting a new fellowship in the greater Boston area. Find out more about their efforts, and consider supporting this new fellowship with prayer and financial contribution.

Search for Loralie Crabtree at:    www.giving.ag.org

1 Timothy 1:12; Acts 19; 20:17, 29-30; Acts 20; 1 Timothy 1:5; 1:3; 4:3; 5:11-15 20; Acts

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2014 Session 5: Deaconess — Dignified

In this session, Dr. Nunnally continues with an examination of the two lists of believers found in Romans 16. Again, as before, the subject offers a snapshot on the composition of the first Christian communities. The discussion also ranges back into the subject of “women in leadership,” and the importance of both male and female adherents to the spreading of the good news throughout the world.

1Timothy 3:1,-11; Pliny-the-Younger’s letter to Trajan, Book 10; Romans 16:15; Leviticus 15:2; Acts 10:44; Acts 11.

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