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2018 Session 28: Tel Dan – A Walking Tour

In today’s session, we join Dr. Nunnally and his recent seminar in Israel, at the ancient biblical site of Tel Dan. The video captures an exploration of the “jungle” in northern Israel, and a visit to the city gate and “high place” at Tel Dan, where ancient Israel joined the local population in pagan practice. This time … on Faithbuilders.

Download Audio File   (Idoltary of Tel Dan — based on a session from 080617)

Download Audio File   (Tel Dan Stele — based on a second session from 072317)

Loaves & Fishes ministry for August 26, 2018: Durham, Harris, Robinson

If you have an OculusGo or other VR visor, the “spherical video” link connects you to a 360 VR video of Dr. Nunnally’s lecture on the Tel Dan stele. Click the link and give your head a spin.

Spherical video

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2017 Session 28: The Tel Dan Stele

Dr. Nunnally focuses on the Bet David inscription, exploring how archeological evidence tends to complicate the fanciful and false scholarship of liberal theology.

Click here to see class notes for this session.

2 Samuel 7; 8:6; Luke 1,2; 1Kings 20:34; 8:7-10; 8:11-13; 8:14-15; 8:26-29; 9:14:26; 8:25b; 9:27-28

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Loaves & Fishes ministry for July 30, 2017: Everett, Schoolfield, Stewart,

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