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2018 Session 14: Carpenter – Fishermen

In today’s session, we focus on why a carpenter (Jesus) would call fishermen to join the enterprise of faith as “fishers of men.” The implications reach beyond the beginnings of His earthly ministry, and into the amazing distinction between His call to righteousness and His judgement of unrighteousness. 

(The audio file, linked below, has a runtime of more than an hour: the full session. Video of this week’s lesson will be posted later in the week.)

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Loaves & Fishes ministry for May 6  – Dillon Parks, Shell, Wray

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2013 Session 18: Salvation is Nearer Now

Today’s class considers Paul’s observation, salvation is nearer now, than when we first believed. While we do not know the precise hour, nor day of the Lord’s return, we do know: we’re closer to that grand moment than ever before. Paul’s words remind us, our lives are moving, always-moving, in the direction of God’s promise. It is our duty to proceed “in the light,” and allow the Lord’s sanctifying Spirit to upscale our lives. He changes us, transforms us. This task is His, not ours to perform.

Neh 8; Rom 13:9; Gal5:14; Gal 6:2, 6:11-12 

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