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2013 Session 32: Priest and Sacrifice

In today’s session, Dr. Nunnally takes up the “priesthood and sacrifice of Christ,” and links it to the “priesthood and sacrifice of … us.”  We are joint heirs with the Lord, but also co-laborers. This is a powerful thought. While much of the discussion focuses on Christ in His differing roles, Wave drills down to an interesting observation. Jesus wore a seamless garment. Priests in His day wore seamless garments. When Caiaphas — the high priest — rent his clothes during the prosecution of Jesus (Matthew 26:25), Christ was the only one in the room dressed as a priest. It’s an interesting transitional moment. Unwittingly, the high priest thus stepped aside, and in so doing, advanced the primacy of Christ’s priesthood. As for sacrifice, Christ paid the debt for us with His life. We are called to sacrifice, as well. Dr. Nunnally’s final thought: “Obedience is better than sacrifice. Sacrifice without obedience is an abomination to God. Wash yourselves. Let your light so shine before all men. God wants us to live our lives in the light of obedience to Him.”

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