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2017 Session 29: The Light of the World

Dr. Nunnally focuses on the context of scripture, and what it adds to Christ’s discourse on “the light of the world.

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Today’s class marks the first time we’ve created a video from one of our sessions. If there’s an interest in seeing this additional media asset on a weekly basis, please drop us a note via the comments box. If our pilot-efforts don’t hit a technical snag, we could start regular video postings by mid-September.

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Loaves & Fishes ministry for August 6, 2017: Rentschler, Kiser

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2013 Session 9: Eternal Life

Substituting for Dr. Nunnally, Dr. Fred Haltom leads a discussion of eternity and the believer. “God is light; God is love. Eternal life is result of God’s light and love being invested into our lives.”

1 John 5

(Due to technical problems, portions of this podcast were recorded at low levels)