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2016 Session 32: What God Has Said (2)

In today’s session, Robert Crabtree  continues with his presentation on knowing and identifying the voice of God, and responding appropriately to what He is saying.

Scriptures listed in order of their appearance.                                                                                             Acts 9; Philippians 4:13; Genesis 46:7; Exodus 3:4; 1 Samuel 3:10; Luke 10:41; Luke 22:31; Acts 9:4; John 1:43; Mark 14:4; Luke 17:10; John 15:15; Luke 22:14

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Loaves & Fishes Ministry for August 21:  Crabtree, Stuart, Harris, Sykes                         Weingartner (setup & takedown)

2016 Session 21: God’s Voice

Wave is in Israel for the next few weeks, conducting his yearly seminar. Substituting for Wave today, Robert Crabtree invites us to consider how God communicates. Does He speak directly? Yes. Does He speak to us through dreams and visions? He does. Does He lead He lead us through unspoken, wordless revelation? Absolutely. How God speaks to us is today’s lesson.

Genesis 22:11-13; Genesis 46:1-4; Exodus 3:4; 1 Samuel 3:1-11; Luke 10:28-42; Luke 22:31-32; Mark 15:34; Psalms 22:1; Acts 9:4

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