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2015 Session 37: Nabal-Abigal-David

Substituting for Dr. Nunnally, Dr. Fred Haltom directs our study of the encounter between David and Abigail, and David’s threatened retribution against her husband, Nabal. Abigail helped David get past the temptation for revenge, and “blood guilt.”

1 Samuel 25:26-21; 24; 25; 1 Corinthians 1:12; 8:7-13; 10:23,29; Isaiah 57;14-21; Hebrews 10:21

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2013 Session 9: Eternal Life

Substituting for Dr. Nunnally, Dr. Fred Haltom leads a discussion of eternity and the believer. “God is light; God is love. Eternal life is result of God’s light and love being invested into our lives.”

1 John 5

(Due to technical problems, portions of this podcast were recorded at low levels)