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2018 Session 21: Fatherhood of God (1)

Throughout history there have been an assortment of mystical overlords presiding over the human condition. The God of the Bible stands apart. The family of Abraham came to know Him as THE LORD. The one true God. And while He’s obviously larger, grander, more mysterious, and powerful than we begin to understand, He revealed Himself to us in terms we do understand: our Heavenly Father. A beloved First Cause who proved His devotion to all creation by sending us His only begotten son … Jesus, to redeem and reconcile us to Himself. God the Father, today, on Faithbuilders.

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Loaves & Fishes ministry for July 8, 2018: Carder, Maracle, Shell, Wray

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2015 Session 23: Father

In this session, Dr. Nunnally focuses on fatherhood. It is, after all, Father’s Day 2015. At the heart of the discussion is the notion of God as our Father. Additionally, we have a rare opportunity to hear from a father who survived World War II. Bill Thomson. Bill has had an illustrious career, but of all the incredible accomplishment he’s had, his three Purple Hearts are the ones that may be the most important to him.

Jeremiah 3:4,19;31:9; Deuteronomy 32:6; 2 Samuel 7:14; Psalm 27:10;89:26;103:13; John 8:58; Isaiah 9:6;63:16;64:8; Malachi 1:5; 2:10

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