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2014 Session 13 :  Roman Resurrection   

In today’s session, Dr. Nunnally considers the resurrection message that figures so prominently in the book of Romans. Christ is validated by His rising from the dead: “He is who He said He was.”  Returning again and again to this theme, Paul underscores the single event that distinguishes Christ’s earthly ministry. As we considered Paul’s emphasis, we engaged a discussion of the archeology surrounding Christ’s burial. While the Church of the Holy Sepulcher satisfies all the historical/biblical references, the Garden Tomb (Gordon’s Calvary) captures the pastoral setting of Christ’s burial chamber. While there’s a great debate with respect to which site is the actual place where Jesus was buried. Dr. Nunnally made the point that if you could cut and paste the Garden Tomb into the Church of the Holy Sepulcher — you’d have the best of both worlds. “The most important point in either case is, both tombs are empty.

Romans 1:4;2:22; 6:4-9; 7:4; 8:11, 10:9

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