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2018 Session 10 Encore: At the Cost of Blood

In today’s session, we revisit a special subject on the theme of Easter: we were reborn at the cost of blood. Media stylings change, but the astonishment of the cross remains. An encore presentation from a special study on Easter in 2013, today on Faithbuilders.

Psalms 22:1; 22:8; Romans 3:25; 5:10; 5:6; 5:8; 5:18; 5:19; 6:3-5; 6:10; 7:4; 8:3; (Philippians 2); Romans 8:11; 8:13; 10:9; 14:9; 14:15; 15:3; 8:32-34; John 1, 2 

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Loaves & Fishes ministry for April 8, 2018: Damron, Denney, Stewart, Weingartner

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2015 Session 12: Raised and Coming Back

Today’s study focused primarily on scripture and the legacy of the Easter promise. Running through a list of scriptural references, we take a renewed look at what the cross and resurrection mean in terms of our eternal reward. “We are saved through Christ’s resurrected life. His resurrection holds the promise of our eternal life.” As the conversation comes to a conclusion, Dr. Nunnally takes up the special role played in the early church by James-the-Just, the half brother of Christ. It’s interesting that James was absent from the Lord’s earthly ministry until after the Lord’s resurrection. His radical change, from unengaged family member to a significant leader in early Christianity is “an internal proof of the resurrection, and the impact it had on even the Lord’s earthly family.”

Ephesians 1:7; Romans 10:9; 4:22-25; 5:8-10; 6:3-7; Acts 16; Isaiah 553; Galatians 4:4: Hebrews 2, 1 Corinthians 15:1-22

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Special thanks to Troy Hatley for his timely assistance in today’s podcast.