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2018 Session 37: Covenant – The Promise of His Presence

God’s covenant with us is the sacred contract that binds us to righteousness. It’s the foundational link in biblical record, extending from book of Genesis all the way to Christ’s proclamation that His shed blood is the “New Covenant.” And what are God’s … call them “deliverables” … in this Holy contract with the human family? His presence. We take up the covenantal promise of presence today … on Faithbuilders.

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2014 Session 38: Covenant of Presence

Today’s special session begins with a discussion of God’s promise to be with us to the end. Dr. Nunnally reminds us that this promise of God’s associated presence is the most repeated promise in scripture. In an unusual convergence of subject and presentation, the class experiences a special visitation of presence that proceeds to overwhelm the discussion.

Jeremiah 1:8; John 1; Isaiah 41:13; Psalm 23; Psalm 92; Revelation 21:10; Ephesians 2; Psalm 46; Psalm 22

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