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2019 Session 6: Back to the Future

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ˆ provides an amazing map of yesterday, but also, an equally amazing window on tomorrow. God’s Word takes us back to the future. By understanding God’s covenant with the human family, we a the compass that helps us explore the Bible, from the Old to New Testament. Our destination for today is … back to the future.

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2019 Session 1: God Does New Things?

What do you think God’s been doing lately? Think He’s had any new ideas, or recalculated His plans for what happens next? Maybe it sounds a bit goofy, but that’s where we’re going … today, on Faithbuilders.

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2016 Session 4: Salvation is Free – Sanctification Involves Work

In this session, Dr. Nunnally considers the tricky issue of covenantal responsibility. We are saved by grace, but if we love Jesus Christ, we keep His commandments. Salvation is a gift from God, but our side of the covenant involves “working out our salvation in fear and trembling.”

Homework: Jeremiah 3:15

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2015 Session 26: The Fear of Me is Not In You

In today’s class, Dr. Steve Pulis picks up with the discussion on “backsliding” from last week’s session. “Grace was never an excuse to continue in sin; grace never lessoned the demands of a covenant. There are very few ‘unconditional’ in the Bible.”

Jeremiah 2:19; Exodus 32; Leviticus 22; Numbers 15; Deuteronomy 29; 1 Kings 9; 2 Kings 17; 1 Chronicles 28; 2 Chronicles 7; 15; 24; Psalms 69; Hebrews 3:12; 6:6;  Galatians 5:4; Numbers 15; 1 Samuel 16; Matthew 12; John 5, 6 17, 10; Romans 8; John 15 – 16;  1 Corinthians 3:15; Philippians 1:6

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2015 Session 15: Unconditional Acceptance

During this time of year, we share our Sunday School teacher with various seminar and tour schedules, so it’s a great day when Dr. Nunnally returns to class. He comes, in spite of jet lag and the fog that comes with international travel. The nice thing about it, he usually comes home with news about recent archeological discoveries in Israel. This week is no exception. His friend, Eli Shukron, has recently discovered what appears to be ancient ruins dating back to the time of Melchizedek … approximately 2000 BC. During his time in Israel, Wave had the opportunity to meditate on our discussions about God’s covenant with His people. “The Messiah is here and He’s going to restore His blessings to His people … but the covenant comes with blessing and curse, for those who reject Him. We must represent Him, unconditionally.”

Jeremiah 16:14; 16:16; Matthew 4:18; Ezekiel 29:4; John 3:16-17; Luke 12; 1 Corinthians 2:14-15

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2012 Session 1: Glory

In this session, Dr. Nunnally considers Paul’s passion for Israel. Even after the life, death and resurrection of Messiah, God’s covenant with His people remains.
Romans 9:1, Acts 3:25
For additional perspective on the subject of Israel and Messiah, click the link below.

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