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2018 Session 12: Shekels & Seals

More archeology. In today’s session, Dr. Nunnally directs our attention to a few recent discoveries in Jerusalem. Archeology continues to validate Holy Scripture.

Due to technical difficulties, the video for this session will be posted on Wednesday, April 18, 2018.

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Loaves & Fishes ministry for April  22: Carder, Everson, Sykes, Wulff

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2017 Session 24: Archeological Discovery

Due to technical problems, this week’s class was not recorded. In this session from April 2011, Dr. Nunnally leads a discussion of archeological discoveries at Jericho, Gath (OT), and the Pool of Siloam (NT).

UPDATE: Our dear classmate, Steve Harris, passed into the presence of the Savior on Tuesday. Our prayers now focus on his wonderful wife Kathy and their family. The memorial service for Steve will be this coming Friday (June 30, 2017) — 11 AM at Greenlawn Funeral Home East: 3540 East Seminole, Springfield, Missouri. Burial will follow at Greenlawn North, Springfield, Missouri.

Visitation will be from 4:00 TO 6:00 P.M. on Thursday, June 29, 2017 in the funeral home.

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(Click here to see the YouTube video featuring the discovery of  “phenomenal  physics” and the Shroud of Turin) 

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2017 Session 4: Renew Your Confidence

In today’s session, Dr. Nunnally explores a few reasons for our confidence in the Bible. “We’ve just walked through the portal of a new age for biblical discovery. Over the next few years, micro-computed tomography will greatly expand our library of ancient biblical material. As we read texts that are more than 2,500 years old, we will be increasingly amazed to see how the Bible we have today has not substantially changed from texts dating back two millennia or more.”

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Jeremiah 1:12; Psalm 18:30; 117:2; 119:89, 152,160; Isaiah 40:7-8; Matthew 5:17-18; 24:35; Luke 16:14-17

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Loaves and fishes ministry for February 5, 2017:

Dillon, Houseknecht, Gunnett, Wray

2015 Session 15: Unconditional Acceptance

During this time of year, we share our Sunday School teacher with various seminar and tour schedules, so it’s a great day when Dr. Nunnally returns to class. He comes, in spite of jet lag and the fog that comes with international travel. The nice thing about it, he usually comes home with news about recent archeological discoveries in Israel. This week is no exception. His friend, Eli Shukron, has recently discovered what appears to be ancient ruins dating back to the time of Melchizedek … approximately 2000 BC. During his time in Israel, Wave had the opportunity to meditate on our discussions about God’s covenant with His people. “The Messiah is here and He’s going to restore His blessings to His people … but the covenant comes with blessing and curse, for those who reject Him. We must represent Him, unconditionally.”

Jeremiah 16:14; 16:16; Matthew 4:18; Ezekiel 29:4; John 3:16-17; Luke 12; 1 Corinthians 2:14-15

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2014 Session 19: Hebrew or Aramaic?

In today’s session, Dr. Nunnally takes up the debate about the language spoken by Jesus: Hebrew or Aramaic? As simple as the question might seem, it’s part of an ongoing historical controversy since the late 1800s, a question that was energetically revived with the Pope’s recent visit to Israel. Is there any scholarship supporting the idea that Jesus spoke Hebrew? There is.

Proverbs 6:10; Ecclesiastes 4:5-7; Psalm 127

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2014 Session 13 :  Roman Resurrection   

In today’s session, Dr. Nunnally considers the resurrection message that figures so prominently in the book of Romans. Christ is validated by His rising from the dead: “He is who He said He was.”  Returning again and again to this theme, Paul underscores the single event that distinguishes Christ’s earthly ministry. As we considered Paul’s emphasis, we engaged a discussion of the archeology surrounding Christ’s burial. While the Church of the Holy Sepulcher satisfies all the historical/biblical references, the Garden Tomb (Gordon’s Calvary) captures the pastoral setting of Christ’s burial chamber. While there’s a great debate with respect to which site is the actual place where Jesus was buried. Dr. Nunnally made the point that if you could cut and paste the Garden Tomb into the Church of the Holy Sepulcher — you’d have the best of both worlds. “The most important point in either case is, both tombs are empty.

Romans 1:4;2:22; 6:4-9; 7:4; 8:11, 10:9

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