Work In Progress

Contents of this site were previously hosted on a podcast site launched in 2008. The listening audience extends, worldwide.

In early April 2014 we received notification that the internet provider was closing it’s service. We were forced to take quick action and find a new home for the Faithbuilders’ sessions. For us, the challenge involved a massive migration of content. Given all the 20-30 meg audio files involved –in addition to keywords and descriptive briefs — little wonder that our first reaction was a massive, 3-day panic attack. Once the shock wore off, we devised a script to port the old pod site, piece by piece, to its new address.

Many of the earlier sessions featuring the Old Testament still await audio placement.

These days, the hour sessions are split into two sessions and wide-cast on Israel TV Network. (You can also stream content from the ITVN site. Click here.)

Be merciful. This is a labor-of-love, with one volunteer working as fast as he can. We share your passion for the content. Never doubt that truth.

Thanks for your understanding.

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