There’s so much information available in these sessions, it only makes sense that you might want to save a lecture for reference. The process is rather simple.

1. Click the Download Audio File link .

2. Right click the audio controller on the black page.

black audio controller

3. Select “Save As”

4. Be sure to remember where you save the file. Unless you specify, the file will probably be auto-located to the last active directory you used.

The sessions are copyrighted by Dr. Wave Nunnally. Please do not re-post them without written permission. Your request should be directed to Feel free to link to them, or forward links to others. Thanks.

1 thought on “Downloading

  1. The greatest Sunday School class one could discover! After the death of my husband, Chaplain Jack K. Golie, I was experiencing deep grief. Living in Springfield during 2018 and 2019, I attended Dr. Nunnally’s class.

    The anointed teaching of Dr. Nunnally greatly encouraged and strengthened my faith. Each Sunday morning, I anticipated the spiritual and nourishing nuggets of truth from God’s Word. Thank God for ministers who have dedicated their lives to the Scriptures.

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