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Every Sunday morning a diverse group of Bible students gather for study in the chapel of Central Assembly of God, in Springfield, Missouri. The students range in age from high school, college and graduate students, to young professionals, married couples and retired seniors.  The sessions are conducted by Wave Nunnally, Ph.D., a professor of early Judiaism and Christian origins at Evangel University.


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  1. Dr. Nunnally refers to “handouts that will be posted,” (as in the Jeremiah session #33) and I’ve been unable to locate them. Can you direct me?

    1. Hi Chuck, thanks for asking. The handout is accessed as a .pdf file from the Session 33 post. You’ll find the link: “Click here to download Dr. Nunnally’s .pdf document on the Canon.” If the link isn’t working for you, you might be experiencing some kind of firewall exclusion. Just to make sure, I rechecked the link and it seems to be working this AM. Give it another shot and let us know if you get through.

  2. Dr. Nunnally, Could you please suggest some books for me to read, I would like to find out more about the Old Testament Feasts ( Booths, Weeks, Unleaven Bread)

    Thank You,
    Susie Sims

    1. Hi Susie. Most of the books written on these subjects aren’t worth the paper on which they’re written. Hope this doesn’t come off as harsh, but many are filled with shared ignorance, presupposition, sensationalism, misinformation, terrible exegesis, and unfounded personal opinion. The best information on the feasts is found in Bible dictionary articles. Some of the better dictionaries include those by Zondervan, Eerdmans, and Anchor Bible. You can also get Encyclopedia Judaica online for free now, and their articles would be the best, because as Jews, they have a perspective on their own traditions that seldom come through in the more Christianized Bible dictionaries. An example is this: in the article on Pentecost, the EJ version mentions that Jews remember the death of king David, which according to jewish tradition occurred on Pentecost. For us, that’s important because it is this remembrance/memorialization that is probably behind Peter’s reference to the death of David and his tomb still being with them in the first century when he is preaching his Pentecost sermon in Acts 2.

  3. We are wondering where the classes have gone. We haven’t had one available since July 14, 2019. Is it our problem in receiving or have they not been produced since then?
    Howard and Ann Hoskins

    1. Hi Ann. Thanks for the note. Our class webcast has been down since my heart surgery in Sept (there were complications). After 6-months in the hospital, I’m slowly coming back to resume our work on Faithbuilders.

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