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2018 Session 39: What Does the Bible Say?

What does the Bible say about military service, peace-keeping, and self-defense? Most of us have opinions on these matters, but it’s wise to examine Holy Scripture and run an index on God’s perspective. We begin a multi-part discussion on scriptural perspectives to these issues today … on Faithbuilders.

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What Does the Bible Say about Military Service?

“What Does the Bible Say


Military Service, Peace-Keeping, and Self-Defense?”*

(notes to extend the discussion that began at the Assemblies of

God Theological Seminary Veterans Chapel Service Panel

Discussion, November 12, 2018)


Wave Nunnally, PhD

Professor of Early Judaism and Christian Origins

Evangel/AGTS/Center for Holy Lands Studies


The Hebrew Bible describes God as both YHVH-Shalom (“Yahweh is Peace,” Jgs. 6:24) and as YHVH Tseva’ot (literally, “Yahweh of Armies,” 1 Sam. 1:3, etc.).  Both names accurately reflect aspects of God’s character that are complimentary, not contradictory.  In the New Testament, Jesus is both “Lamb of God” (John 1:19) and Conquering King (Rev. 17:14); the author of these two texts is the same—and he is not confused or conflicted—John is expressing two aspects of the character of our Messiah.  Both Testaments describe God as a truly loving parent, who is able to express both mercy and discipline, and He calls on those who would properly represent Him to exhibit the same kind of balance in their lives.  We should not attempt to imitate one of these characteristics of God to the exclusion of the other in our own personal lives.  Nor should we attempt to reconcile one of these aspects of God’s character at the expense of the other—to do so would misrepresent His nature and do violence to the Word of God.

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2018 Session 38: Feeding ON the Flock

In today’s session, we explore God’s judgement on leaders who serve their own cause, instead of Heaven’s. Shepherds … who eat the sheep,   today … on Faithbuilders.

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Loaves & Fishes ministry for November 18, 2018: Durham, Meredith, Robinson, Rybarczyk, Wray

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