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2012 Session 28: Watch the Backdoor (2)

In this followup to last week, we explore the concept of being “born into sin,” as a component of rabbinic tradition. In addition to  the references (listed below) we’ve included links to the PDF-slideshow from today’s session, as well as urls to articles written by Dr. Nunnally, also referenced in today’s presentation. SLIDESHOW: ORIGINAL SIN

Psalm 15:1; Romans 3:23; Babylonian Talmud (BT) Sukkah 52a; Genesis 9:21; Deut. 10:16; Psalm 51:12; Prov 15:31; Isaiah 57:14; Eze 36:26; Joel 2:20; BT Bava Batra 16a; BT 1456-146a; BT Sukkah 52b; BT Mishna Avot 2:16; BT Sanhedrin 91b; Jerusalem Talmud (JT) Berachot 6b; Avot d’Rabbi Natan 32 a + b; BT Berachot 61a; Deut Rabba 9:8; Galations 5

Articles by Wave Nunnally   Apostasy and Backsliding: Biblical synonyms? (article and worksheet)   Does the Bible Teach Eternal Security?  Defective Views of Salvation

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2012 Session 27: Watch the Backdoor

In this session we’re encouraged to spiritual vigilance, as the Enemy of our souls seeks entry into our lives. Early in the discussion, we’re confronted with the widespread notion that “original sin” was a concept, concocted and advanced by Paul. Is there evidence to contradict this premise?

Today’s session includes references to:

Old Testament

Psalm 51; Psalm 14:1-13; Psalm 53:1-5; Job 4:7; Job 14:14; Job 31:33; Isaiah 43:27; Isaiah 53:6; Isaiah 64:6; Jeremiah 17:9; Hosea 6

Extra-Biblical Sources

Sumerian Wisdom text (3000 BC?), Line 102, II:140; 1 Enoch 10:8; Ben Sira 25:28; Wisdom of Solomon 12:10; 1Q Hodayot 5:20-23 (Cave 1 Qumran, Thanksgiving Hymns-Dead Sea Scrolls — IQH 5:20-23) 1QH 7:16-17; 1QH 8:19; 1QH 9:21-23; 1QH 12:29-31; 1QH12:34; 1QH 13:5; 1QH15:3; 1QH15:17-18; 1QH15:27; IQ Sereq 4:24,-25 (Cave 2 Qumran, Rules Text — IQS 4:24,25 )

Our next session will explore traditions in rabbinic literature regarding original sin.

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