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2016 Session 36: Jeremiah to Joel to Habakkuk

In today’s class Dr. Nunnally picks back up with our study of Jeremiah. “God is near. He does not abandon His people.”

Jeremiah 6:22 – 27; Romans 1:26 – 28; Matthew 12; 27:15 – 43 1 Timothy 4; Numbers 15; Joel 2:1 – 10; Habakkuk 1:6 – 13; Psalm 22:11-21

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Loaves & Fishes Ministry for September 25, 2016:  Crabtree, Gorp, Stewart, Wray

Setup: Weingartner

Attendance: Sherwood

2014 Session 31: God Doesn’t Change

In today’s class, Dr. Nunnally continues our introduction to Jeremiah. Today’s session focuses on the context of the prophet’s life and times, and how his witness of the Jews — taken into exile – formed the basis for his narrative in Lamentations. Jeremiah had been ordained for specific service. God told him: “before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew who you were going to be.” The session proceeded to a discussion of God’s intervention in time, and how the supernatural expression of His power – healing, spiritual-giftings, prophetic revelation – are still dynamic components of God’s nature. “God doesn’t change.” The session concluded with a set of references to cessation, and how many Evangelical believers had lost expectation for God’s supernatural revelation.

Jeremiah 1: 1-3; Mathew 5, 6, 7; 2 Kings 22; Amos 8:11-12; Luke 1; Isaiah 40,46; James 1:17

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2014 Session 20: The Trail to Pentecost

In today’s session, Grady Smalling leads a discussion of the Holy Spirit, from Genesis to Jerusalem. It is through the Holy Spirit that we see the Heavenly Father’s pursuit of a relationship with the human family.

Romans 16:25-26; Colossians 2:16-17; Genesis 12; Leviticus; Deuteronomy; Exodus; John 1:14; Acts 1:8; Acts 2; Jeremiah 31:27-34; Romans 8:1-4

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2014 Session 11: Expecting Death

Substituting for Dr. Nunnally, Steve Pulis leads a discussion, focused on what to expect as we follow Christ. In the gospels Christ didn’t pull any punches: suffering for righteousness is inevitable. In the end, though, suffering is endurable. We can make it through whatever falls across our path through the power of the cross. Even so, this is not an easy message to accept. Our “expectations” may produce great damage to our faith.

Luke 9:18,20, 22, 23, 44; 13:31 – 33; 17:25; 18:31 – 34; 20: 9-19; 24:6 – 8; 21: 12 – 19 

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2014 Session 10: Human Trafficking — Sex Trade

Substituting for Dr. Nunnally, Grady Smalling provides a stark update on human trafficking around the world. Having worked extensively in Europe and South America, Smalling is now actively engaged in finding solutions to one of the darkest practices on the planet. Be forewarned, the content presented here is for mature audiences. The live presentation was enhanced through the use of video clips. While the videos are not included in this post, their soundtracks are. Below, please find additional resources and links.

Psalms 82:3-4

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A Prayer Guide for Victims of Sex Trafficking, published by Salvation Army

www. www.

Barry, K (1995). The prostitution of sexuality. New York University Press.

Farley, M (Ed.), Prostitution, trafficking and traumatic stress. The Haworth Maltreatment & Trauma Press.

Freed, W. (2003). “From duty to despair: brothel prostitution in Cambodia.” IN M. Farley (Ed.), Prostitution, trafficking and traumatic stress (p.141). Binghamton, NY: The Hayworth Maltreatment and Trauma Press.

Friedlin, J. (2004, April 14). “Debate Roars Over Anti-Trafficking Funds,” Womens eNews (quoting Dr. Donna M. Hughes).

2014 Session 9: Crush

In this session, Dr. Nunnally directs us to Romans 16:19-20, and a starting point: “ … and the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet.”  He encouraged us to remember that all 66 books of the Bible, and the 1500 years across which they were written, advanced one theme: all the Bible is about God. We were admonished not to reach into the vast treasury of scripture, retrieve a snippet of scripture to support some exotic theological point, but to always place scripture within context of its circumstance. Lots of class interaction.

Romans 16:19-20; Luke 10:19; Romans 1; Colossians 2

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